Seagate – Motorsail 2.0

dicembre 12, 2014 | By Mistro
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Winelec Motorsailer yacht borns from the cohesion between the motor yacht mentality and the sail mentality not just mixing up motor with sails.

The challenge was to crate a Suv of the Sea: comfortable, silent, ecofriendly, fast, smart, easy…

The zero emission navigation will be hybrid, wind plus electric. As body muscules do in an electric assisted bicycle (Pedelec), the wind power will help the motor and drastically reduce the power needed to cruise at a 7-8 KN of speed. The name Winelec stands for wind assisted electric yacht.

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  1. Enrico ha detto:

    ma come fa a stare su un picco come quello, incernierato all’albero quasi alla sua estremità?

  2. luca ha detto:

    Nei rendering 3D funziona tutto!!!

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