Introducing three great used RYA eBooks perfect for dinghy sailors and instructors

agosto 7, 2014 | By Mistro

rya ebookThe RYA (royal yachting association) is delighted to introduce three fantastic used eBooks all perfect for dinghy sailors and instructors – RYA Start Sailing, RYA Dinghy Sailing and RYA National Sailing Scheme Instructor Handbook eBooks.

The RYA Start and Advanced Handbook are both valuable reference books for a wide range of sailors and instructors looking to enhance their skills. With the advance to eBooks, both handbooks now contain fabulous video clips accompanying the original step by step technique guides. The addition of the RYA Instructor handbook, provides enhanced focus on coaching techniques and models, providing instructors with a unique and valuable resource at their fingertips”, commented Amanda Van Santen, RYA Chief Instructor, Dinghy and Windsurfing.

Per dire… quelli della Royal yachting association


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