Le caratteristiche di un marinaio

novembre 18, 2015 | By Mistro

A sailor…

  1. Knows what phase the moon is in
  1. Can tell the wind speed by feel
  1. Can light a cigarette no matter the weather conditions (French sailors)
  1. Has lost a digit in a winching accident
  1. Dresses in primary colours
  1. Gets upset when people call the British national flag the Union Jack
  1. Always passes port to the left (unless he’s in America)
  1. Can sleep anywhere
  1. Has an eclectic collection of yacht club-branded T-shirts
  1. Sports sun-yellowed eyebrows
  1. Is not afraid of seasickness
  1. Does not carry an umbrella
  1. Sniggers when hearing someone say ‘Over and out’ in a movie
  1. Can always find a parking space
  1. Drinks beer/rum/whisky for breakfast (after a long passage)
  1. Never uses a wheelie suitcase
  1. Finds it acceptable to eat and drink out of plastic
  1. Owns a spork
  1. Can fix anything (usually with epoxy or duck tape)
  1. Can throw a great party in the smallest of spaces
  1. Can make friends in an instant that last a lifetime
  1. Is good at keeping in touch
  1. Is adept at sewing up holes (in sails, in clothes)
  1. Is good at whipping (but not in a 50 Shades kind of way, although he or she does know a lot of handy knots)
  1. Daydreams of adventure
  1. Actually goes on adventures
  1. Shies away from botox, knowing that lines speak of a life well lived
  1. Never goes for a manicure
  1. Does not use the word ‘hurricane’ lightly
  1. Is not daunted by third world lavatories
  1. Is open-minded and big-hearted
  1. Knows the name of a good pub or restaurant in every port town in the western hemisphere (and much of the eastern)
  1. Has a friend in every port town in the western hemisphere – often a bartender
  1. Can whip up a hearty meal consisting entirely of tinned and packet foods
  1. Is not phased by the idea of making tea at 30° (whether lat, long or angle of heel)
  1. Knows the difference between latitude and longitude – and is always aware of where he or she is
  1. Has seen more sunsets and sunrises, dolphins and views of the Milky Way than anyone else they know
  1. Is not afraid of the dark
  1. Knows that lists like these are for desk-based landlubbers who aren’t busy off having adventures

Via | www.sailingtoday.co.uk

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