Fareast Rosella 36C

luglio 18, 2014 | By Mistro
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Fareast è un cantiere cinese fondato nel 2002, con sede a Shanghai. Ha iniziato costruendo con successo Optimist e 420 e poi si è allargato ai fast cruiser e monotipi – Fareast 18, Fareast 26, Fareast 31R -, affidandone il disegno allo studio Simonis Voogd Design. All’ultimo salone di Shanghai hanno presentato questo catamarano con interni ridotti all’osso e un enorme pozzetto.


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Rosella 36C is once again the great cooperation between Fareast and Simonis Voogd Design.

The new entry level catamaran set the bar high for those who want to compete with it on price, performance and quality. The yacht will have ample space on deck to accommodate at least 15 guests/passengers and needed to be easily operated by a crew of two. The design is completely modular, with 2 hull sections each fitting into a 40ft container and one center section fitting in a 3rd 40ft container. The fore and aft arch are demountable and can fit with the other components in one of the containers. You interest can be cruising or flexibility enjoy your lives to spend highly quality time with who matter most to you in a marina, at a mooring, ashore or at home on a trailer,ready to go, whenever and where you want to go.

fareast 36C

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