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Dehler 46 – Varato lo scafo numero 1


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Pronto per essere presentato al prossimo salone di Cannes il Dehler 46 ha una lunghetta totale di 14.40 m, con una lunghezza al galleggio di 12.90 m e un baglio di 4.35 m. E’ disponibile con tre chiglie diverse: Standard T-keel di 2.25 m, competition T-keel di 2.70 m ed una corta a L di 1.85 m. Immancabili le due ruote ma con una sola lama del timone.

Total length: 14.40 m
Length hull: 13.95 m
Length water line: 12.90 m
Standard keel: 2.25 m
Competition keel (optional): 2.70 m
Shallow keel (optional): 1.85 m
Displacement approx.: 10,700 kg
Ballast approx.: 3,500 kg
Motor (standard): Volvo D2-55 with 39kW/53 hp
Fresh water tank: approx. 450 litres
Diesel tank: approx. 220 litres
Design: judel/vrolijk & co

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Brand New Dehler 46

[Comunicato stampa] Following the market launch of the Dehler 38 during the last “boot” in Düsseldorf, Dehler is now introducing another new model. The first details of the new development Dehler 46 will be presented at the “boot 2014” in Düsseldorf. This boat is due to be completed in early summer 2014 and will round off the Dehler product range at the top.


The Dehler 46 has a total length of 14.40 m, a water line length of 12.90 m and a width of 4.35 m. Three keel versions are available: Standard T-keel with 2.25 m, competition T-keel with 2.70 m and an L-shape short keel with 1.85 m. The boat is steered with two steering wheels and one rudder blade.

A number of valuable details have been adopted from the successful Dehler 38, like the round and appealing shapes of the roof structure, the shape of the windows topped with an aluminium strip and the hull shape with steep and wide stern.