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Oceanvolt announces ServoProp, the latest in electric marine power and propulsion innovations

The patented Oceanvolt ServoProp variable pitch sail drive combines a high efficiency sail drive with the most powerful hydro generator on the market

The unique feature of the ServoProp is the possibility to turn the propeller blades more than 180 degrees. The software controlled variable pitch sail drive adjusts the pitch of the propeller blades automatically so that the power generation and power output are optimal. Combined with uniquely designed blades it delivers optimal efficiency in both forward, reverse and hydro generation. And with the blades set to the neutral sailing position, the propeller creates extremely low drag similar to the drag of a feathering propeller. The benefits of ServoProp include an estimated +30% increase in forward propulsion, +100% in reverse and +300% increase in hydro generation effect.

A normal fixed propeller (that by nature does not have the blades ideally shaped for regeneration) generates less than half the power of ServoProp at a given boat speed. ServoProp is capable of generating more than 1 kW at 6-8 knots. The power generated can be used to power both the propulsion system as well as all the electronics on board without the need to have a separate generator. With this in mind we can definitely start talking about the possibility of a totally self-sufficient cruiser!

The ServoProp is suitable as a propulsion motor for monohulls up to 50 ft & multihulls up to 60 ft. It can also be used as a hydro generator in boats up to 100 ft.

If you are coming to METS 2017 be sure to visit our stand 12.833 or the DAME Awards I-nnovation Lab. The ServoProp will be on display in both!

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J/BOATS – J/88 con entrobordo elettrico Oceanvolt

J/Boats offre il suo J/88 dotato del motore elettrico Oceanvolt capace anche di idrogenerare energia elettrica mentre si va a vela. Il sistema prevede anche le celle solari Sunpower da installare sulle vele e dei pannelli sul bimini.

J 88 oceanvolt 01

J 88 oceanvolt 01
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I benefici del J/88 SolarSailer 0048 18236Oceanvolt SEA system rispetto al classico diesel sono ovviamente la silenziosità, l’assenza di emissioni inquinanti e la scarse necessità di manutenzione. Con una carica completa (7.1 kW) c’è abbastanza energia per avere un’autonomia di 20 miglia senza il supporto dell’energia solare. Aggiungendo l’energia prodotta dai pannelli sulla randa e quelli sul bimini, circa 1000 watt, l’autonomia raggiunge le 50/60 miglia a 6.5 nodi di velocità, che già inizia ad essere ragionevole.